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What I offer & What to expect


Supporting Health during Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a very special and sacred time for mother and father to be, and without exception every expectant mother experiences her own personal journey from conception right through to the postnatal stage. During this time the body-mind has to endure many physiological and physical adaptations, which may result in some common pregnancy related illnesses. These combined changes may also impact pre-existing conditions which pregnancy may exacerbate.

Many of these conditions can be alleviated by the use of plant aromatics, supporting the body-mind in a wonderfully holistic way. Combined with integrated holistic therapy will bring balance, focusing on every aspect of your wellbeing.


Supporting Health in Infants, Children and Teens

There are many childhood conditions that can benefit enormously from the use and application of essential oil remedies. However due to the purity and volatility of essential oils and the delicate nature and sensitivity of a child’s skin, use with children needs to be approached with awareness and extreme care.

Gentle oils such as Sweet orange is a perfect aid for digestive disorders in babies and children. Pure organic high quality base oils such as Jojoba or Sweet almond is a very effective remedy to relieve discomfort from eczema, and delicate hydrosol sprays can be used to relieve itching.


Supporting General Health and Wellbeing

We live in a world where all of our senses are increasingly based around what we see and hear, somehow losing our connection to smell and aroma. Aromatherapy supports the delicate balance of our physical and emotional wellbeing and can reconnect us to that most primitive sense, smell.

When inhaled, molecules from essential oil travel through our olfactory pathway and into our limbic system, the system associated to smell, memory, emotion and mood. This also has a direct effect on the  parasympathetic nervous system, and will encourage the physiological body back into a state of equilibrium.


Supporting Health in Later Life

There are many changes that we may experience physically, mentally and emotionally as we approach our later years, and the use of plant aromatics is a wonderful way of providing support during this evolutionary time in our lives.

There are many common age related symptoms and illnesses that may impact our lives, which can be supported hugely by the use of plant aromatics. We may experience the journey through menopause where the use of hormonal balancing oils such as Geranium (Pelargonium graveolens) can support these changes and help alleviate symptoms. Suffers of hypertension (high blood pressure) would benefit from the use of oils such as Ylang ylang, Neroli, Frankincense and Clary sage.

Herb HR
Heidi’s pregnancy massages were wonderfully relaxing. I visited her several times and on each occasion she made me feel very comfortable. She created a calm and peaceful atmosphere and took the time to get to know me so she was able to tailor the session to my needs. Heidi is naturally very nurturing and I felt very safe in her hands. She always ensured I was comfortable and happy with the focus of our session. She is very knowledgeable about the pregnant body and offered me helpful advice and support.
— Suzanne – Woodbridge