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therapy sessions


integrated Clinical aromatherapy treatment (non-pregnancy)

A tailored holistic therapy treatment, using a combination of clinical aromatherapy, holistic massage, pulsing, visualisation and subtle energy, supported with a bespoke blend of essential oils to support the body and mind.

Initial consultation & TREATMENT: 2 hours – £70



Depending on the focus of our session and your home aftercare, clinical applications may include:

  • Bath blends

  • Chest & muscle creams/ lotions/ ointments

  • Facial steam inhalation

  • Hot/ cold compress blend

  • Nasal inhaler

  • Rollerball (for meridian points)

  • Sitz blends

  • Sprays (nasal/ throat/ body)

(or a combination of the above)

**Applications or additional home remedies to be priced for separately


integrated Clinical aromatherapy treatment for pregnancy

To support the physical and physiological changes in pregnancy across all trimesters, using a combination of clinical aromatherapy, holistic massage, movement, exercise, visualisation and subtle energy.

Initial & ongoing treatmenTs: approx 2 hours – £70

**Additional home remedies – priced for separately


This is very much a practical session with you and your birthing partner, working together to bring knowledge and awareness to your labour and birth. Practices will cover optimal labour & birthing positions, massage and acupressure support techniques, and a review of essential oil choices for you to explore. Session handouts are included.

Clinical aromatherapy for labour & birth and postnatal recovery – BY REQUEST

Birth and labour blends to assist and support your body and emotional wellbeing, making your experience truly holistic. This is especially beneficial within a clinical hospital setting, creating a 'home from home' environment, allowing you to be more in control of your birthing experience.

Postnatal remedies to support your body and mind during this time of transition.

Cost to be advised for separately based on your choice of remedies.


clinical aromatherapy consultation

Consultation to discuss medical health along with any presenting symptoms, in order to prepare bespoke aromatherapy remedies.

consultation: 30 MINUTES – £35

**Bespoke remedies to be priced for separately

Herb HR
Heidi is a very warm and caring person, this made it easy to discuss and confide in her any health concerns I had and wanted to talk about. She really took the time to listen and put together a treatment plan specifically for the issues I had and have. I had some really positive results, with my symptoms lessening after each treatment. Heidi’s passion for helping others through holistic medicine is evident in the treatments I had. Thank you so much!
— Vicky – Woodbridge